Sunday, September 17, 2006

Example A of why Belo sucks at times

The world’s first female space tourist is from Dallas and The Dallas Morning News has no story that I’ve seen, and WFAA Channel 8 had a 15-second clip, not produced by them, last night.

Nope, Belo couldn’t report on this:
"We have a lot of white male astronauts," said George Whitesides of the National Space Society, a nonprofit group that advocates space travel. "To have someone different is great. It enables girls and women to identify more with space and talk about being a space explorer someday.”

Nope, Belo couldn’t report that.

To my friend Chuck Bloom: The Morning News that you’re waxing nostalgic about died years ago. It died not recently, with the struggles of seven-day dailies. It died years ago, its face stuffed by the arrogance it got from the luck of the better local paper, the Times Herald, being an afternoon paper and eventually folding, followed by the luck of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram deciding to stop circulating in west Texas. Chuck, mi amigo, that was a full decade ago.

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