Sunday, September 17, 2006

Snooze dictionary: “Rescale” = “downsize”

That’s just one of the tidbits in Dallas Morning News editor Bob Mong’s
column (no, Snooze web staff, it’s not an editorial — it’s bylined) about the downsized Dallas Morning News.

Can the Snooze still do good stuff? Sure, it had a great multistory special on bad truck drivers, and a bad trucking company compliance system, in the area. But those efforts may be fewer and further between in the future.

But some of Spanky Mong’s claims are plain bullshit.

He says the Snooze will be good in:
1. Local entertainment. How? Most your critics took the buyout.
2. Editorial page opinion and community leadership. Sure. Want me to call Jim Frisinger in Fort Worth or Timothy O’Leary in Geneva to ask them about that? Maybe I should be calling Smokey Joe Barton instead, anyway.
3. Local lifestyles trends. Again, you lost several critics, and your tab-sized daily rotation lifestyle sections have been 50 percent canned copy since you went to that format.
4. Visual journalism? If your “A Day in the Life of the High Five Interchange” is an example of “getting better” with visual journalism, I’d hate to see you getting worse.
5. Jean-Jacques Taylor fully filling Kevin Blackistone’s sports commentary shoes? Please. Notice that he didn’t even try to pretend anybody would fill Gerry Fraley’s shoes.

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