Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Who's wrong, Southern Newspapers or TPA, part 2?

A couple of weeks ago, I ran a brief post noting that Southern Newspapers continues to run an ad in the Texas Press Association's "Messenger" newsletter advertising its printing services.

Just one problem.

As Southern sold its Sulphur Springs newspaper, and I presume the printing plant with it, to Moser Community Media nine months or more ago, the ad claiming that it has printing services in Sulphur Springs is ... not true.

However, per Paul Harvey, .... stand by for news!

I've been told that Moser sold the press, so it's not even in Sulphur Springs.

So ... why?

I've always heard over the last few years that in many cases, papers have been bought because they brought printing presses with them. Unless Moser already had a bank shot in mind on that press, and had connections that Southern didn't as far as buying it.

Stand by.

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